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Things You Can Do To Burn More Calories

By omfitnessstore, 09/12/2016 - 18:00

Burning calories does not have to involve a trip to the gym. Sure, fitting in a workout is nice if you can find the time. But sometimes you can't—either because of a heavy workload, personal commitments, or just because you're totally exhausted. And while there's no pressure to force a daily workout, if burning more calories is something you're interested in doing, there are a handful of ways to energize your day—no workout required.

In fact there are three simple things you can do anywhere, anytime. These expert-vetted tricks are designed to fit into your daily routine, with no equipment and absolutely no burpees (promise!). They'll help you burn a few more calories than you normally would, and keep you feeling 100 percent all the time.

1. Move your body.
Movement is critical. This trick may seem obvious, but when you have a ton of work to grind out at your desk, it's easy to forget to get up and get moving. "Being sedentary compresses your spines, stiffens your ligaments and joints, and tightens your muscles,
A great way to remember to get up and get going? "Set your smartphone to beep every hour or so to remind you to move around.

2. Hydrate—often.
Staying hydrated is important for a lot of reasons, and one of those reasons is that it helps keep your metabolism working properly. A healthy metabolism is essential if you're trying to lose weight and burn calories, says Jordan. She suggests keeping a water bottle at your desk to fill up on throughout the day. And getting up to refill your bottle will get you moving, too.

3. Use your arms.
If you watch people while they're walking, they're arms are usually just hanging at their torso, not moving at all, She says you can either opt for increasing your arms natural sway, which is inconspicuous and unobtrusive, or get a little crazy with it and, "lift your arms up over your head or out laterally to your sides." Do what ever makes you feel comfortable.



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